20 January 2011

Leftover Night

We still had ham and cheese left over from Grilled Night, so we made some Croque Madame, a very traditional French open-faced ham n cheese with an egg in the face.

I tried to combine that and "toad in the hole" or "egg in the well" or whatever thing that goes in something else that your mom made for you on Sunday mornings or after a rough day AND a Frenchie 'wich, but it didn't work. So Bryn got a mess of delicious while I perfected the Croque Madame for mine.

1. Toast a piece of bread in the buttery pan.
2. Cook an egg. Put cheese on the bread while this chemistry goes down.
3. Heat that ham.
4. Think of Will Ferrell's "ASSEMBLEEEEEEE".

Bread cheese ham egg is the order you'll want.

Here is what it should look like. We didn't do this:

1 comment:

  1. AKA Egg in the face….maybe that is only a Lefebvre term though, for toad in the whole.