25 January 2011

It Smells Good! Finally!

Bryn is going to treat yall to something really nice realllly soon. It's called snow ice cream.
Until then, I will continue to entertain with my folly and poor decisions that turn into something good to eat.

1. Have a REALLY BAD day. Get a $100 bike through a stop sign ticket from the fake campus cop.
2. Be late to class because the cop can't figure out which name on your license is your first. Griffin? Ann? Faulkner is definitely the last right?
3. Get dizzy a LOT.
4. Complain to Bryn. Make macaroni again, with more cheese, oil instead of butter, and sundried tomatoes.
5. Get comfort food to compliment the frozen burrito you ate before the macaroni. Accept none other than over-priced Ben & Jerry's from the Grab n Go. Preferably chocolate macadamia.
6. Fall asleep in econ.
7. Go on a quest for swimsuits and black pants to wrap around your legs that takes probably 150% more time than a normal person would take because you are both directionally challenged.
8. By the time you get back, 4:20, it is time to start cooking with the looty booty that you got from the C4C.
9. You guessed it! Egg Bake!
This week's variation includes
Kaiser Rolls (2) (some people call them roll thingies)
Croissant (1)
Mushrooms (As many as you can squish into a bowl)
Green peppers
Red Onions
Eggs (7)
Cheddar Cheese (whatever does not fall into the backpack)
Soy Milk
Dump it all together, pour into buttered pan, stick in oven prematurely annd....
put Bob's Burgers on your laptop. Be embarrassed when people walk by and the characters say something stupid.
Be proud when everyone walks by, and, with an air of surprise, says, It smells so good!! Is that eggs?!
And then they realize that yes, you are still sitting there.
And finally, the 10th commandment:
Fall off your bike onto your bike lock. Let everyone get out of their car and say, you alright dude?
Say yes, thank you, I'm actually a girl, I know that fall made me look pretty tough and manly though.
The kids from the other car will tell you they got the plate number of the car that sped around you. Thank them graciously, promise you're ok, and keep walking.
Now you're a cowboy.

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