30 January 2011


I slept for 11 hours last night and cooked this morning.

See those streams of light? Those are holy rays of Goodness raining down emanating church songs.

And if Church were closer to something like this, I'd still be going. The kids at Mater Christi Catholic school did not have this enthusiasm.


1. Cook yer eggs to yer likin. We didn't have any pepper so I used basil.
2. Put the whole good for you toast in when the eggs are about halfway done. Apricot jam and butter goes on top.
3. Slice some apples really thin and crumble some real goat cheese on top, just a little bit.
4. Orange juice
5. Fancy euro chocolate mint tea. Heat the cups up first by pouring in hot water. Serve in a tea pot with milk.
6. Have an enlightened discussion about how if we work at Whole Foods next year, we could get a discount.

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