20 January 2011

Grilled Goodness

Straight outta Vermont, whabam! Grilled cheese for dinner, but full of Northeastern tradition - that love of cold harsh reality and political skepticism. And composting! I'll get right to the point because I have to go to work:
1. Get your ingredients from the grab and go and dining hall, whichever suits your fancy:
Bread (whole wheat of course!)
Dijon mustard
Good cow cheese (cheddar, preferably. Cabot? Oh yeah. Not that they would buy into that, corporate bad guys...)
Happy chicken eggs
Proud pig ham (they carry vegetarian no supplement ham here! ...but its from New Jersey. I wonder if it is promiscuous... what a Situation...)
Italian Seasoning, salt pepper, whatever you want....
2. Cook the eggs, slap the ham on the pan for a bit, season all that, assemble the ingredients on your sandwich in whatever style suits your fancy (see our beautiful picture), and put the egg on last, on top of the cheese so it will melt.
3. Put the sandwich on a BUTTERED OR OILED PAN SO IT CAN GRILL.
What ever you do, do NOT use your handy snackster. This Vermonstery delite is too big, everything will get mushy, stuck, and burned, and the girls down the hall will run past the kitchen yelling "it smells foul!!" until they see you and start giggling. An RA also might ask if you're cooking or is the building really on fire.
4. Bake some brownies (or ghetto-fabulous pear crisp - I'm not bothering with that recipe since it didn't work well ) to cover the smell. And NEVER bake kale if you want to have friends. Or do it on a Friday night - its kinda funny.

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