01 January 2011

Dorm Food Gone Good

"Dorm food gone good," in the words of Camille, is the basis for our combined superblog! In our closet size dorm kitchen we recreate the food that the institution serves us into something more flavorful and exciting to fuel our studies and adventures - "gourmet," if you will. We have made crepes with pears and nutella, something along the lines of quiche, apple crisp, and LOTS of stir fry. So we are going to write about these ventures for the betterment of the college dining experience. Enjoy.

1 comment:

  1. Tofu (firm) is so easy, and would do well (well-drained) in both quiche and stir fry. Nutritious too for the betterment of all. Otherwise flavorless, it will take on the flavor of your base additives, and return protein for your good health.