10 January 2011

Captain What?

Yeah, it looks like meat. But no worries! It's Captain Crunch French Toast. We were inspired by the Westside's delicious dinner that David got while we were in Vail. After some chickenairplaneshoulder relays at swim practice, David hoofed it up to Bova's on the Hill (the best wannabewouldabeen bodega in Boulder to buy some eggs, saving me a run to the emporium at Farrand. If you wanna repeat this feat, here you go:
Use munch money to buy a baguette from the bakery. We used half.
Snag some captain crunch from the cereal dispensers in the dining hall, and milk too. We used chocolate, just for funsies.
Obtain 2 eggs. You should always have some in your microfridge. Always. I don't care where you get them, buy a chicken if you have to and tie it up in the bath room. They produce well under stress.
Mix the eggs and milk up in a bowl. Not too much milk, just enough to.. you know... you should know this by now.
Dip that bread! Make sure its nice and coated, and then coat it in your crunched up captain crunch.
Butter your pan with stolen butter from a restaurant or the dining hall (that is a good thing to save) and cook the bread until its toast. You know the drill. YUM!

We also conducted a taste test between the flask of syrup I brought back from Vermont and the creepy safeway corn product that's been in the cupboard since last year. The real stuff won!!

Next up... far far away at Kittredge cooking night. We'll make something exotic.

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