11 January 2011

Capitalism is itself marvelously adaptive, able to turn the problems it creates into lucrative business opportunities

Michael Pollan said that, I didn't steal it. Because we are marvelously adaptive too!
Today's lesson: Egg Bake.
This delicious show stopper will be a success every time, guaranteed, unless you put ham and broccoli in it and make your kids eat it before opening their Easter baskets. Gross.
Preheat the oven to about 375.
Sautee, fry up, or steam your vegetables - whatever suits your nutritional fancy. We used broccoli and red onions from the salad cart.
In a bowl, stir up seven of the eggs that David retrieved from the hill with Italian Seasoning (or salt and pepper) and some milk from the grab and go. It should look like you're making Frenchie toast again, but maybe a little tiiiiny more milk.
Use the other half of David's baguette that he used to make CaptainFrenchKawowToast. Cut it into rounds and put them in a buttered device that can go in the oven. We use this awesome non-stick (I think) pan with a heat resistant handle that doesn't melt.
Pour the eggy whatever over the bread in the pan. Spread the veggies over as well. Make sure they're all cozy with everything.
This is the fun part. Get some flaky cereal like special k, corn flakes, healthy start, or frosted flakes if you have a sweet tooth. Sprinkle those over the masterpiece, and do the same with shredded cheese. FAIRY DUST, KIDS! That is your sprinkly dusty ooooh goodness gracious special touch.
Hide your masterpiece in the oven before anyone walks by and asks what the cuss you're doing with breakfast cereal, cheese, and broccoli, and leave it in for about 20 minutes.
Open the oven a bunch during that time to look at it longingly knowing that class is coming up in 25 minutes, because that's what Bryn did and it worked pretty well.
When the eggs are cooked, its safe to eat! There might even still be some Boulder Chocolate Pudding in the freezer from before break, who knows.
Be sure to thank David, our wealthy oil lord, for supplying the ingredients for the meal he did not attend. We haven't done that yet, but those eggs might make some good pancakes for him.
Good work tonight!

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