31 January 2011

Bruises and Pancakes

Well, well, well, surprise surprise- we made stirfry again mostly because we were uninspired by the vegetables in the dining hall. But we forgot to fry the noodles. So it was really more like stirnoodles. But it gets better kids. We countered our conventionalness with pancakes.....and not your typical pancakes. I don't remember where I got this idea, I think I had a dream about it......but I had an itch for some cookie dough pancakes. So we walked approximately 1.2 miles to Farrand marketplace to buy the cookie dough. AND THEY DIDN"T HAVE ANY. Major letdown. So we bought those movie theater cookie dough candies as a replacement, kind of the same thing? Except they don't have to be refrigerated.....which is borderline horrifying but we ate them anyways. And the candyrow is a dangerous place because we also ended up with two packets of blue razz Poprocks.

After an arctic walk back across campus we got this craziness started. Since I was locked out of my room, which is a regular occurrence, we didn't have the fancy pancake mix from Faulkner's mother so we resorted to the Hungryjack (justaddwater!) that has been in our kitchen since before we moved in. Hmm. So recap. Hungryjack+cookiedough candies. Kind of awesomely delicious. But at the same time I don't want to admit it. Next were the hungryjack+poprock pancakes which were kind of mystical. And not because the sugary carbon dioxide processed lactose (which is the crux of what Poprocks are....) but because of the pancakes striking resemblance to Faulkner's bike crash bruise! I can barely tell the two apart:

IF you are up for the challenge give these so-called pancakes a try and see how many processed and refined foods your body can handle! I QUADRUPLE dog dare you.


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